Herschel is the world-leading brand of far infrared heating. Far Infrared is revolutionising the way we heat our homes and offices – truly offering the capability of being warmer, longer for less.
Herschel offers the widest range of Far Infrared heaters in the world and these can be applied to the broadest possible range of uses: from domestic bed and living rooms, to office walls and ceilings, to outdoor and patio use, to public halls and office atria.
The Herschel range includes the Inspire and Select radiator panels series; the Advantage indoor commercial and space heating range and the Aspect outdoor and leisure space heating range.
Herschel also produces the renowned Environment Control Solutions: ThermoDry and FAST IR. ThermoDry is designed for flood recovery situations and for Environment control during building construction and finishing processes and it can even be used in Marquees. FAST IR is a specialist unit. See our website for more details.