Deep carbon savings and sustainable living

Hen-dy SD have an aim - to adapt the built environment to the latest standards of energy efficiency, sustainability and comfort for all communities.

Our vision is driven by the need to change the way we live. We need to address the energy and consumption challenges the world faces, improve local communities and support social cohesion.

An easy task? No. An essential task? Yes.

By developing innovative solutions to the challenges ahead we wish to tackle three main objectives:

Urgent deep greenhouse gas cuts from the built environment
Catalyse housing and economic generation within an inclusive local context
Increase employment skills and regeneration

Hen-Dy SD Ltd partners

Through our extended network of partners and with our experience in the field of sustainable development, Hen-dy SD can provide a range of consultancy services to help individuals, communities and concerned organisations with effective sustainable business strategies, securing funding, addressing legal issues and networking.oning support.

About Hen-Dy SD Ltd

Hen-dy SD Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment Hen-dy Sustainable Development is a company with a simple vision "to develop a truly sustainable built environment". Our network of partners specialise in a wide range of disciplines serving the public, private and voluntary sectors, from the innovation and promotion of carbon reduction strategies, to energy waste management, economic development, rural and urban regeneration.