HeatKing, a division of TEV Ltd, is a UK designer and manufacturer of Air Source Heat Pumps, a renewable energy alternative ideally suited for domestic properties. Air Source Heat Pumps are electrically powered appliances which use renewable energy to provide space heating and domestic hot water. Units are up to 500% efficient, have up to 70% less carbon emissions than other systems, have low running costs of up to 80% less than direct electric systems and are easily maintained with an expected life of 20 years.

Heatking manufacture three ranges of air source heat pumps (from 6kW to 13kW); The BWarm range, which is suitable for heating and domestic hot water pre-heating up to 55°C, the Bwarmi Range which delivers the same benefits as the BWarm range yet with a water temperature supply of up to 65°C and our BCool2 Range which provides an additional cooling facility.