Greenbuild Expo takes place in Manchester on the 7th & 8th May 2014 and is part of a package of platforms for the built environment professional who is Serious about Sustainability.

The last event went very well and the exhibitor feedback has been the best yet, particularly with regard to types of visitors and quality of leads. Why not check out the short video with feedback from this year .

The whole package allows you to reach around 30,000 built environment professionals and consists of Greenbuild Expo, Greenbuild Magazine, and our Awards. It's aimed at individuals and organisations leading the way we build and refurbish properties in the UK. The main target areas are :

- volume housing – councils and housing associations/developers (not home owners)
- hotels
- leisure
- schools
- retail
- hospitals
- offices
- businesses

And these types of professionals :

- Architects
- Contractors
- Consultants
- Facilities managers
- Engineers
- Installers
- Energy managers,
- Developers
- Surveyors

Sustainable buildings make sense on so many levels, the running costs are lower, new properties are well designed and they place less burden upon the environment, old buildings can be refurbished to significantly improve their performance. Unfortunately, despite improvements, we are a long way off from being able to say green buildings are the norm in the UK.

Building better buildings and retrofitting existing ones and powering them all more sustainably is therefore essential and the Greenbuild suite of products, which includes the Greenbuild Magazine, Greenbuild Expo together with the Greenbuild Awards and our website , are designed to help influence and lead the way we manage, refurbish and build properties in the UK. If you have products that stand up to scrutiny when it comes to sustainability, have products proven to reduce energy consumption or have products that are alternatives, recycled or that can change the way we think and operate our buildings, then all of these platforms are relevant and will help you to get these solutions to a professional audience.