At Haddock Research & Branding Inc., we help our cleantech, telecommunications and other low-carbon clients better understanding the challenges they face – whether in research, marketing and/or branding. We
invest in building our knowledge of low-carbon opportunities around the world. Apart from working with academic institutions and government organisations, our prime focus is on how to help businesses better market their products and guiding their profitable development.

In the current economic climate, budgets are tight. Yet businesses cannot afford not to do reliable market testing when some marketing decisions will make a big difference to the success of their products. We offer virtual research approaches for both qualitative and quantitative projects, which can provide integrated, reliable international insights at a fraction of the price of traditional approaches.

As examples of project types - for qualitative research consider us for communications and advertising testing, reactions to product concepts and website useability tests; for quantitative research, consider us for market measurement, segmentation work and product concept testing.