London's leading and most dynamic green contract cleaning service provider. From our electric hybrid vehicles to our choice of DEFRA-approved environmentally-friendly Delphis Eco cleaning products, our sustainably sourced washroom products, our hand picked service partners and our recyclling initiatives we stand head and shoulders above the norm.

Our colleagues are paid above the National Minimum Wage and enjoy the benefits of working for a family owned and run company. We understand health and safety and operate a team of fully trained window cleaners utilising a range of access equipment throughout the South East.

If you have concerns over the environmental impact of your office cleaning we can help.

Our GreenZone Values:
We think it’s essential to have an open and honest relationship with everyone involved with GreenZone. There are no hidden agendas and no surprises - we aim to conduct our business in a completely transparent way.

GreenZone Clients
Our clients are our partners. We like to have an in-depth understanding of what they need, so together, we can discuss the best way of ensuring their requirements are met – whether they need a full cleaning service or just some help to improve a current cleaning regime.

We take the time to go into the details, to ensure we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s and tweaked anything that’s not quite right. If requirements change, our flexible approach means that we can adapt our service delivery to best suit our clients’ needs.

GreenZone Colleagues
Our colleagues are the frontline of the GreenZone team and make what we do possible. We therefore take the care, time and attention to ensure that they are all treated as valued members of the GreenZone family.
All of our colleagues are paid above the National Minimum Wage rate
They receive the most up-to-date and safe equipment
All new team members receive both on-the-job and off-site training, which is lead by our in-house BICSc Approved Trainer and Assessor. Ongoing training is also undertaken as part of our colleagues’ personal and professional development
We see our suppliers and subcontractors as part of the GreenZone team; they are encouraged to share our core values and we ensure we treat them accordingly.