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Gaia 133

Gaia 133 Gaia 133 in Cornwall
We wanted a wind turbine that could produce enough to make a big difference to our energy bills and give us the chance of another income. With such a big investment we did a lot of research and that has paid off. Its performance has been fantastic"
Mr. Bronte-Stewart owner of a Gaia133-11kW Small Wind Turbine in Ayrshire

The wind turbine has a very large blade with a diameter of some 13m. This gives it exceptional low wind speed performance at sites typically of the majority of lowland areas of the UK.

With 150 wind turbines already installed, the Gaia 133 is a well established and tested design with a 10 year record of reliable operation.

Gaia has also created cutting edge control software for the control of large turbines. They are equipped with numerous sensors which could assess the performance of the turbine where, through an Internet connection, it can be monitored on line. Where, with each Internet ready PC or PDA, you can keep abreast of how much energy is being produced and how well the Gaia 133 wind turbine is running.

The Gaia turbine has been developed according to "Danish design", the design basis for most of the large wind turbines on the market.

The product is based on a modular design using components that have been carefully selected to provide high quality, maximum reliability and low maintenance requirements. The turbine has been approved according to the official HB-standards laid down by the Danish government.

Gaia-Wind is the only manufacturer of small wind turbines to have achieved this approval, which ensures top product quality.

It seems easiest to compare wind turbines by their rated power, which is normally specified by the manufacturer as the maximum power the turbine will produce. This however if often not the best comparison, as what really matters to the owner of a grid connected small wind turbine is the energy that the wind turbine will generate each year, which is a factor of many different things, and not just the rated power.

Paul Gipe, the well respected small wind "guru" from the USA, says,
"Rotor diameter and swept area are better measures of a wind turbine's capability than its generator rating because it is the area swept by the rotor and not the generator's size that captures the wind and converts it to a useful form."

In essence, the larger the diameter, and therefore the larger the area of the rotor, the more wind energy the turbine will have access to, and therefore the more electrical energy it will be capable of generating each year.

The Gaia has a rotor diameter of 13m and therefore a total swept area of 133m2, which is twice that of a turbine with a rotor diameter of 9m, and so a swept area of only 63m2. This is what gives the Gaia its exceptional energy generation capabilities, even at low to modest wind speeds.

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