We started greengauges in 2010 with a clear mission: to provide a service to help, guide and inspire business owners, executives and leaders, in their bid to create more profitable, low carbon, sustainable and ethical businesses.

The Values, Voice, Vision (V3) process was born out of hundreds of conversations with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners and business owners and executives from the private and public sector and not for profit organisations.

Why focus on values and voice, before vision? A good question, as vision is the “fun” part, however according to a BlessingWhite survey, fewer than 1 in 3 employees worldwide (31%) are engaged. Nearly 1 in 5 (17%) are actually Disengaged. Combined with this, most people are unaware of their communication style, or the other three archetypes that exist and how to communicate with them.

So we felt it was important to get the foundation solid, aligning values and understanding voice (communication) to really make the vision piece inclusive, clear and the best it possibly could be.