Moment-O-Meter Eases Eco Driving
Clearwater, Fla. March 16, 2009 -- GREEN TECHNOLOGY MFG Inc manufactures the long awaited Moment-O-Meter, a new consumer friendly car instrument that helps reduce fuel consumption (US Patent # 7,411,140).
With the recent launching of Eco Driving in the USA (see Moment-O-Meter is recognized as the instrument easing eco driving for everyone, from the student to the professional truck driver. Eco-Driving is becoming the new way of driving of the 21st Century worldwide.
"It may take ten years for car manufacturers to create and redesign higher fuel efficient cars, fifteen years to find and exploit fuel fossil reserves in the US and maybe twenty more years to develop safe nuclear energy providing 50% of our electricity," said the inventor, Tom Delor.

It takes only a few seconds to stick Moment-O-Meter to your windshield and plug it in your cigarette lighter to upgrade your car to a fuel efficient car. "Moment-O-Meter was developed and tested during the last three years, and we now manufacture it in Clearwater, Florida," added Delor, a retired ex-aeronautical engineer who co-invented this device to help his school teacher daughter to save gas. "It all started with my daughter and I'm always looking for a good reason to spend some time in my workshop," added Delor.
As a Speed-O-Meter indicates the speed of your vehicle, Moment-O-Meter indicates its inherent momentum telling the driver when to coast (moving the vehicle effortlessly) using the force of the inertial mass generated by Newton’s second law of motion, instead of fossil fuel, diesel, bio fuel or electricity. Green light indicates you can coast, red light indicates you need to use fuel to maintain the car's speed. It's like a personal trainer telling you what to do and continuous improvement is acquired. Eco-Driving is becoming the new way of driving worldwide.
"Every driver can take advantage of their car's momentum to drastically increase their fuel efficiency with Moment-O-Meter," the inventor said. "You will save 20% to up to 50% of fuel the very first time you use it”. To make it work for everyone, it had to be simple and visual. Moment-O-Meter is very simple; just react to the device's lights to save fuel. “I personally save 48% but it still depends on the driver's skills and motivation.” concluded Delor.
GREEN TECHNOLOGY MFG, located in Clearwater, Florida, is the developer and manufacturer of this long awaited new instrument for cars. The device uses simple visual cues to allow drivers to take advantage of the moving vehicle's momentum. It really does not matter if the vehicle uses gas, ethanol, or electricity or if the vehicle is a small or an eighteen wheelers. Retired ex-aeronautical engineer Tom Delor is the co-inventor, and patent attorney John Rizvi from Fort Lauderdale, Florida said: "When Tom presented me his work, I was skeptical because it was utterly simple and logical, thus I believed it’s not new. “It took thousands of years to put wheels on our luggage because nobody thought about it. Comparatively, nobody thought about showing the momentum of a moving vehicle until now”, replied Delor. With the energy crisis, necessity became the mother of all inventions and the United States Patent Office by issuing the patent confirmed that Moment-O-Meter is a genuine new invention.
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