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Green Stamp Limited

The Green Cone System

The solar-heated Green Cone food digester reduces food waste to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide and a small residue.

The solar-heated composter unit takes all cooked and uncooked food waste, including meat, fish, bones, dairy products, vegetable and fruit.

The Green Cone food digester comes with a 4 litre kitchen caddy (also available to purchase separately), a convenient way to collect and carry household food waste to the Green Cone.

The Green Cone food digester system means that waste food can be disposed of immediately, resulting in cleaner dustbins.

It's a very easy recycling system to set up and maintain.

The Green Cone food digester saves 20% of household waste being collected resulting in less waste, this means fewer lorries on the road and a reduction in the need for landfill and large-scale treatment plants.

The patented design of the green cone system utilises a solar heating effect between the inner and outer cones to promote air circulation, which facilitates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and the desirable aerobic digestion process. The household food waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and small amount residue that will only need to be removed every few years in a well operating Green Cone.

The kit includes the Green Cone; 1 kitchen caddy; 1 shaker pot; and 1 60 gram sachet of Green Cone accelerator powder.

The diameter of the outer Green Cone is 55cm at its base and 29cm at the lid end. The in-ground food waste digestion chamber is 44cm deep and the green cone stands less than 65cm above the ground.

To purchase the Green Cone, or for more information, please send an enquiry.

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