Durable and high quality installation for renewable energy.

Renewable energy doesn’t cost. We'll handle the assembly! – Green Seiro. Our customers have already begun to enjoy the significant savings made by using photovoltaic panels mounted by Green Seiro. As soon as you install them, the more you begin to reduce costs and to feel economies. If you have identified the area where you can install the panels or have a project, we can help with their implementation, this beeing the safest and fastest solution.

What does Green seiro mean?
More than 15 consultants, technicians and electricians specialized in Germany that will work in Romania prices, will be available for any type of installation of photovoltaic panels.

Free consulting in choosing the best solutions for photovoltaic panels and installation materials. Mounting the panels on any surface. We install solar panels on houses, units, buildings and land.
Want to escape installation and equipment care?
We handle everything, we even do the cleaning after!
Our team has at its disposal all the necessary equipment to carry out all type of installation.

Need photovoltaic panels?
We guide you to the best suppliers of photovoltaic panels. Our partners offer significant discounts for our customers and we will help you, for free, to choose the perfect products for your project.

In partnership with other companies, we can offer:
• Any type of photovoltaic panels
• The necessary structure for the assembly
• Inverters for implementing solar park

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 0754.634.674,
0760.587.484 or email: contact@greenseiro.ro