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Green Oil Plantations Ltd

08 Dec 2010 10:12:29

Green oil as part of renewable energy

Whatever your views on carbon emissions and global warming, you cannot deny the greatest threat to the human race – and that is the shortage of fossil fuels. There will come a time, perhaps in the next 50 years, when the oil runs out. Gas and coal will follow, though not quite as soon.

The solution is renewable energy: energy from natural sources which can quickly be replaced. Though renewable energy is currently no cheaper than that derived from fossil fuels, it helps to reduce pollution as well as conserving supplies of conventional energy. Already, the European green energy market is worth €25 billion a year.

Green oil has a guaranteed place in the future of renewable energy because of environmental concerns. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, remove the carbon by a process of photosynthesis, then release the remaining oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Globally, green oil is most commonly used for transport, home heating, power generation from stationary engines, and for cooking. Second generation green oil – those which are derived from non-edible sources such as millettia (pongamia), jatropha, and camelina – can either be burned directly or converted by chemical processes to make high-quality aviation and diesel fuels.

Green Oil Plantations is participating in the drive to create energy independence for communities and regions, by developing plantations of trees that can produce large quantities of high quality crude green oil. This can be used to produce carbon-neutral electricity for many generations to come, and can help tackle the effects of global warming as the trees absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide every year.

Green Oil Plantations has both 5 and 10 year project opportunities, allowing you to invest in the future of green oil. We also have opportunities for you to become a sales agent or business introducer for Green Oil Plantations. Read more about these opportunities on Low Carbon Economy, and contact us if you are interested.

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21 Dec 2010

Anyone who keeps spouting on about a shortage of fossil fuel belongs back in the dark ages- quit this self serving scare mongering technique and get your facts straight before you enter nonsense in the international media- There is no shortage or fossil fuel and our ability to locate it and extract it increases exponently every year. What we are running low on is our ability to keep up with the demands of manufactured petroleum products such as avgas, heating oil, gasoline and diesel. The US has not built a new refinery in years and depends on others for their bulk supply. Piracy off the east african coast- how about piracy off the east american coast. Who are the real pirates

Discussion Thread  


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