The directors of Green Oil Plantations (GOP) are based both in the UK/Australia and have over 30 years real world experience in developing commercial green oil plantations.
With extensive knowledge in crop genetics and new technology that can be applied to enhance yields, this places Green Oil Plantations at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.
With the development of mass production systems and the ability to propagate Millettia Pinnata and other crop species using tissue culture techniques Green Oil Plantations is able to provide a wide range of services, including providing green oil species seeds.
All enquiries are handled on a confidential basis but must be accompanied by a brief synopsis describing your aims, objectives, resources and project requirements.

Examples of services we can provide:
Land licence investment projects
Establish and manage large scale commercial Jatropha amd Millettia (Pongamia) plantations
Provide a variety of seed species
Opportunity for you to purchase your own Millettia green oil plantation