The company
Green My PLanet is HK registered company established in 2007 to facilitate the drive toward the common goal of targeting human induced climate change and achieving improved sustainability. Our organisational mission is to work in partnership with our clients and provide a service which is synonymous with excellence. Helping you and your business to target your carbon footprint and maximise the benefits to both the environment and your business.

Vision and Values

We recognised that despite the common consensus that human induced climate change has, and is, changing the world around us and requires urgent action, there is still a large amount of confusion and controversy surrounding the issue. This ambiguity stands very firmly in the way of progress and forms numerous barriers to organisations and individuals who are looking to target their own environmental impact and achieve a move towards sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint. Green My Planet was established to help our clients understand and overcome these barriers.

Our Team

Our team of environmental consultants and IT developers are experts in their field and have worked hard to bring together the most up to date carbon emissions data and climate change information to create a range of the most accurate and user friendly carbon footprint calculators available online. Our team aim to deliver a quality service to match - both through our numerous value added online resources and through our consultancy services.