Green MotorSport is located in Southern England in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom. Green MotorSport is currently involved in research and development into viable renewable vehicles for our roads with alternative power systems and drives.

Our latest highly efficient electric liquid cooled drive trains are suitable for a range of applications from high performance lithium ion powered electric karts to road cars.

Green MotorSport supply a range of Dual Powertrains™ Each dual powertrain™ is designed to suit a specific range of applications. They are economical electric drive systems that replace the internal combustion engine for both on and off-road vehicles. GMS also supply a range of high power & high energy LiFePO4 lithium battery packs.

Green MotorSport is also involved in property development through its sister company Alan Montage Limited, focusing on energy efficiency, using alternative supplies, electricals and water usage.