“We can make a difference”

Green Lojistik Consultancy Ltd. is an İzmir based consulting firm advising companies and foreign investors on Supply Chain Management, eco-efficient transport and logistics management, policy making, energy and fuel management, collaborative network development and sustainable procurement.

Our clients are small and medium enterprises , logistics service providers, companies, which have logistics functions , entrepreneurs and logistics investors.

We provide high quality, practical logistics advice to a range of industries including retail and transport sectors, and logistics service providers.

Our Expertise

Transport, logistics and supply chain design, restructuring and management

Suply Chain -Logistics strategy development
Logistics contracts management
Project Management
Change Management
Coaching and Mentoring
Budget -P/L Management
Transportation capabilities-own fleet -efficient transportation policy
Operations efficiency- KPI Management
End to End Retail Logistics Management
Forecasting and Planning Volumes
Cost Analysis, Reduction & Control
Business Plans. Supplier Relationship, Supplier Compliance
Ability to bridge business with logistics technology
Distribution centre Design
Logistics Growth Management / Business Development
Logistic Service Quality Improvement
Logistics Organisations, Logistics Team-building,Staff Reorganisation
Multi-channel Logistics Development & Management
Preparing Business Cases for Logistical Implementations
Creating logistics capabilities/ Building strategies/ Rollout
WMS implementations / Stock Management
Key Performance Indicators Management
Investment Consultancy for Local and International Investors
Packaging , Labelling
Logistics Software
Quality Control

Eco-efficiency / Green initiatives in Supply Chain

Integration of eco-efficiency in logistics and supply chains
Sustainable procurement
Transport emissions inventories
Supply chain emissions mapping
Fuel Efficiency Gap Analyses and fuel efficiency project implementation
Fuel safety systems
Reverse logistics and waste Management
Energy efficiency in distribution centres and buildings
Energy efficiency audits
Support in the implementation of energy management systems (EN 16001 and ISO 50001)
Emission calculation methodologies
Transport emissions monitoring and reporting tools
Carbon footprints
Environmental Impact Assessment
Alternative Fuel Vehicle technologies and availability
Key Performance Indicators
Environmental Performance Index Systems
Legal procedures and expectations consultancy regarding government and EU policies

Project Management

EU, Kosgeb ,İzka ,Tübitak Support Programmes Consultancy
Project Writing Consultancy for SMEs.
Project Writing Consultancy for Enterpreneurs