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Braeaire AW45d/AW65d outdoor heat pump

The Braeaire range of air to water heat pumps are a device for collecting large quantities of low grade heat, concentrating the energy collected and upgrading it to a useful temperature. The hot water can be used in many ways particularly for domestic hot water and in conjunction with radiator or underfloor heating.

The heat pumps are electrically driven, driving a fan and compressor. The sealed refrigeration circuit consists of four elements—an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and an expansion valve. High pressure saturated vapour is forced into the evaporating coils as it passes through it collects heat from the air flow, changing its consistency to a low pressure gas. This is then passed through the compressor which compresses the gas to form a high pressure hot gas which then passes through the compressor which compresses the gas to form a high pressure hot gas which then passes to the condenser. The domestic water extracts the heat from this high pressure gas changing it back to a low pressure liquid. This in turn is then expanded in the expansion valve before restarting the circuit.

The measure of a heat pump's performance is known traditionally as the coefficient of performance (COP) and it is to this figure one should look when selecting a heat pump.

Quite simply the COP is a direct ratio between power in and power out and will vary dependent upon the ambient temperature and the skill of design. It is important to realise that since the heat pump is extracting heat from the atmosphere the colder the outside temperature becomes the less heat can be collected and the COP drops.

The Braeaire air to water heat pump range are designed to extract the heat from the air and supply this heat to water. The units are designed to extract heat from air "on" at temperatures between -5°C to 30°C and hot water may be obtained up to 55°C. Temperatures of 60°C can be obtained but with a decline in COP.

The power supply required to run the units are 230v 50 hz single phase although 415v 50 hz 3 phase units are available on request.

All models have a variable water temperature digital and digital defrost control giving a very efficient heating system.

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