‘Complete renewable energy solutions.’

We offer a full consultancy, design, supply, install and service of a wide range of renewable products including:

* Biomass heating systems
* Wind turbines
* Solar hot water and photovoltaic systems
* Air and ground source geothermal heat pumps
* Pellet and wood burning multi fuel stoves
* Intelligent heating control systems

High quality Austrian biomass boilers for wood pellet and wood chip heating in both domestic and commercial applications. Outputs from 10kw to 10megawatts.

En-tech wood pellet systems with auto cleaning and ash removal.
One of Europe’s leading biomass companies.
High efficiency and quality.
State of the art digital control package for buffer tanks, pumps etc.
Awarded the prestigious ‘Blue Angel’ certificate from Germany.
Highest safety and operational performances available.

Hargassner is one of the leading wood chip and wood pellet boiler manufacturers and distributors in Europe. Founded in Austria in 1984, Hargassner has successfully installed 34,000 boilers across Europe.
Production capacity is now around 8,000 per annum.
Hargassner boilers have extremely high levels of efficiency.

All other countries in the world utilise their own natural resources like oil and gas and export it all over the world and bring prosperity to their country. With wind energy in Ireland we have the potential to become totally sustainable in energy and become a major exporter of power throughout Europe. The potential to save money in your home or business and also to earn from exporting power to the grid is endless here in Ireland due to our very high average yearly winds. With payback periods of as low as 3 years, and full tax relief on all equipment with the potential of up 20% return on investment in some cases. Investing in modern wind turbines is simple and easy with almost no annual running costs. We can provide all services from the planning services, design and grid connection, onsite consultation and all related activities.

Turbine Options include Grid Tied, Battery Charging, Heating only or combinations of the above.

Solar thermal technology transforms direct and diffuse solar radiation into useable heat using a solar collector.
The unique design of the collectors uses vacuum technology to ensure the most effective transfer of energy into heat. This means the Thermomax solar collector has extra performance in comparison with traditional flat plate collectors, providing heat not only in warm, sunny days, but also in cooler, windy or humid conditions.