Green Energy Scotland – An Accredited Green Deal Assessor in Scotland

An officially accredited Green Deal Assessor Scotland, Green Energy Scotland offers modern energy solutions to households. We’ve been accredited by the City and Guilds as Domestic Energy Assessors as Green deal Advisors.

The company specializes in home energy assessments. Anyone availing our services will have access to best advice on how to reduce energy bills.

We offer authorized Green Deal Assessment to households, which includes a Green Deal Advice Report. As a part of this report, we provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The certificate examines and ascribes a rank to your home’s energy efficiency measured on a scale of A to G.

Through such endeavor, the company has become instrumental in realizing the shared dream of promoting green energy consumption throughout the country. We begin from the basic unit a household and help them analyze as well as introduce measures of control and curb their energy consumption.

The aim is not to stop energy consumption, but to economize upon it.

Based on Green Deal Scotland and ECO Projects, we provide all the following services in UK:

• Energy Assessments

• Energy performance certificates (EPCs) - they are part of the Green Deal Advice

• Green Deal Assessment

• Access to ECO Funding

• Green Deal Advice Reports (GDAR)

We guarantee quality assurance – the company is subject to frequent audits from the accreditation body Storm and also from the Green Deal Advisor Association (GDAA).

All our staff that comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds, adhere to strict guidelines of the Green deal Code Practice. Our activities are overseen by the Green Deal oversight And Registration Body (GDORB).

We’ve been in the business since the very beginning, from the implementation of Green Deal Days. Our professionals are renowned for delivering excellent project management, quality management systems and domestic energy system assessments.