GEO was incorporated early in 2006 with the objective of ‘making energy visible’ in homes, schools and businesses.

The company has invested heavily in products (both displays and standalone sensors) which are capable of retrofit to existing buildings or operation as part of the increasing wave of smart meter projects around Europe.

The visible energy displays are an extremely powerful graphic representation of a particular user’s energy profile combined with a user’s specific usage analytics across time and appliance types.

The company is based in offices near Cambridge and employs 22 people and a number of sub-contractors (though both are increasingly rapidly). Key activities are the sales, marketing, design, programming and manufacturing (sub contracted) of energy display systems, together with web based software tools, analysis applications and data management.
GEO is in the vanguard of the industry in integrating displays in open architecture systems, and is conducting amongst the most wide ranging trials for consumer feedback effectiveness, in conjunction with energy suppliers and regulatory bodies, and with the involvement of academia.
GEO is currently rolling out RTD systems into the corporate sector and also to schools and universities where the focus is on educating the users of a building as to how their behaviour impacts directly on energy consumption.

The company is backed by private capital and has the support of EEDA and a number of green and low carbon organisations.