Green Energy Networks is dedicated to helping our clients realise the commercial benefits of alternative green generation such as solar and wind enabling the ‘end customer’ to have greater control of their energy demands. As a business we are committed to leading for a green energy future and to the transformation to a low carbon economy.

What we can do
GEN can provide financial modelling and technical solutions for the installation and connection of generation to the electricity distribution network. We can assist our clients in the decision making processes from project concept through to installation, enabling them to realise the benefits of their low carbon and renewable energy strategies.
We apply specialist industry know-how to deliver our clients sustainable low carbon solutions and have the technical and commercial capabilities to support businesses and organisations in obtaining grid connections. We also possess the full regulatory and policy know-how to successfully guide our clients quickly and expertly through the complex process, ensuring they do not waste valuable time and money.

Who we are supporting
With our specialist energy and distribution network expertise we are in a key position to advise businesses and organisations such as; solar and wind generation installers, private businesses, private investors, local enterprise initiatives such as: Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership, RETA (Renewable Energy Technology Alliance), SHAP WM (Sustainable Housing Action Partnership) on all matters from submissions for Green Funding through to connecting generation to the electricity distribution network.

What we are doing
We have the technical ‘know-how’ to deliver large scale solar photovoltaic arrays and wind energy generation stations for our clients. We are:
• Working with generation installers providing financial mapping and feasibility for, industrial and commercial businesses, water utility companies and commercial property developers.
• Providing technical services for our client’s managing all the grid connection activity from application to infrastructure delivery.
• Providing expert network infrastructure design and project management ‘know-how’ to businesses innovating in the creation of large scale solar photovoltaic arrays and wind energy generation.