Green Energy Consulting is a leading UK independent commercial Energy Consultancy specialising in the renewable electricity and gas sector. The company helps organisations from SME to large Corporate level reduce their Carbon Footprint and improve their energy and environmental performance.

The services provided by Green Energy Consulting are designed to help save businesses time and money by searching the commercial gas and electricity marketplace to obtain the most competitive energy contract terms from UK and European commercial energy suppliers.

They help businesses deal with all their energy matters from procurement through to implementing energy management and consumption reduction strategies. By doing so, Green Energy Consulting has helped thousands of small to large businesses manage and reduce their annual gas and electricity costs.

The commercial energy consultancy solutions that the company provides allow businesses to make informed decisions about one of the key elements of their organisation's expenditure. This results in a trusted link between the business and their energy suppliers.

The range of services offered includes;
- Utility procurement advice
- Establishment of Carbon Management Strategies
- Guidance on achieving enhanced Green Credentials
- Support with Legislative Compliance
- Energy Efficiency support - including staff training on CSR
- Provision of an Energy Consumption Management Plan
- Water auditing services.

The company, which has its headquarters in Gateshead, is managed by staff with extensive knowledge of the Energy Consulting industry as well as experienced backgrounds in business management.