Green & Easy is a website that promotes environmentally friendly products for your home and garden. Our aim is to provide both information and advice on a range of 'green' issues, plus a wide range of the energy saving and eco-friendly products at very competitive prices. We appreciate that it’s not practical for many people to make radical changes in their livestyles to reduce their own impact on the environment, but the website offers easy options to do whatever you can and we pride ourselves in backing this up with the very highest levels of customer service.

We work hard to expand our range of products to provide you with the widest choice of the best eco-friendly products but are always keen to receive suggestions from our customers and friends of products you think we should be stocking. The site has been designed for people of all ages who want to take whatever simple steps they can towards being more environmentally friendly, and who appreciate a one-stop-shop for information, guidance and product choices to suit their busy, modern lifestyles.

So whether your looking for a new fridge, freezer or tumble dryer or perhaps you want to start growing your own veg or fancy keeping chickens, or need a new lawnmower or garden shredder, our tag line is 'simple steps to greener living' so why not visit us at now, browse around and see how easy it is.

We strive in our own business operations to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using low energy lighting, biomass heating and renewable energy tarrifs to run our offices and warehouse. We also try to keep to a minimum the transport related emissions associated with getting a product from the point of manufacture into your home by direct shipping where possible and where products do come through our own warehouse we pack using recycled and recycleable packing.

When it comes to selecting products, we assess suppliers not only the on the environmental performance of a product when in use, but also consider the environmental performance of the manufacturing process, their distribution channels and the build quality of the product and recycleability at end of life. This quality component is often overlooked, but is very important because the environmental impact of manufacture can contribute as much as 40% of the total carbon footprint of a product during its entire lifecycle. This means an lower quality product may need to be replaced a number of times during the extended lifespan of a higher quality product. In the long run this effect usually also means that although usually having a lower initial purchase price, lower quality products actually end up costing you and the environment more in the long run.