Veluba®. The new Eco-Taxi service and Last Mile Cargo Delivery Service launches in Central London.

Veluba® was created with one simple objective in mind. To create cheaper, faster, more reliable and environmentally friendly solutions for all our inner town and city short journey transport needs.

We want Veluba® to be recognised as the short journey eco-transportation solution for every Town and City.

Veluba® is an Electrically Assisted Tricycle, officially classified in the UK and EU as an ‘E-Bike’ and fully complies with the EU Directive EN 151194.

So, it can travel practically anywhere using bus and cycle lanes, permitted paths as well as all roads so nothing slows down a Veluba® on a journey, not even London traffic jams.

Veluba® is an important clean, zero emission transportation alternative in our ever increasingly congested and polluted cities. Veluba® is all about safety too. Seat belts for all passengers, 3 CCTV cameras in every cab, a cashless App payment system which means the fee you see before you travel on the App is the fee you pay automatically at the end. All drivers are pre-checked and all passengers receive their details before each journey. All cabs are also equipped with lights, indicators, mirrors and USB chargers.

As a taxi Veluba® is an App hailed taxi service. Simply tap the exclusive Veluba® App to hail your taxi, type in your destination, the driver instantly knows where you are, will come to you and so all you have to do then is sit back and enjoy the ride. The pre-agreed on-screen fayre deducts automatically when you reach your destination.

As a Last Mile Cargo Delivery Vehicle, Veluba® has an incredible carrying capacity of 1510 cubic litres or a cargo weight load of up to 250KG, a quarter of a tonne. But every box can be modified for any of your requirements. Hot or chilled deliveries, any sizes can be catered for.

Also, the batteries for both Veluba® Taxi or Cargo can operate for up to an incredible 12 hours, or an equivalent of 180 miles on a single four-hour charge so your Veluba® can last the length of most working days on a single charge.

Go try a Veluba® for yourself. Go Eco. Go Veluba®.

For more details about our vehicles or to book a test drive, simply email, or visit our sites at or