Nature as a noun (in Cambridge Dictionary) represents all of the animals, plants, rocks etc in the world and all the features, forces and processes that happen or exist. When we realized that the book of 'Nature' is constantly changing and the chapters are becoming dreadful, we decided to be a part of this story and help bring back more joy to this story!

Green Commune is a naturally responsible group and our guiding principles are:

* Developing an economy where 'Sustainability' is central rather than 'Profitability'
* Leaving a 'lighter' footprint is not a good action, but a responsibility
* Understanding Natural eco systems are essential for survival
* Believing in the next stage of evolution where Social Collaboration is the law
* Learning 'Love' through Nature

Our area of operations include:

Eco-Living: Promotion of Sustainable, Ethical and Green Living concepts
Responsible Tourism: Eco-Tourism packages, Health & Cultural Packages, Community Tourism
Natural Farming: Rice, Fruits, Vegetables Bamboo, medicinal herbs & Endangered species
Promotion of Natural products through Social Collaboration: Virgin Coconut Oil, Mushroom
Environmental Awareness Programs: Afforestation programmes, Environmental Clubs in Schools/Colleges, Plantation Drives
Sustainable Architectural Services

Seeking creative solutions for a sustainable future!