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Bamboo clothing

Bamboo fibre is so much softer than cotton, almost silk-like. It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, both of which help to combat body odour and skin irritation, making it ideal for use as a clothing fabric.

The bamboo is harvested then pulped, refined through a process of hydrolysis-alkalisation and multi-phase bleaching, processed into a fibre, spun into a thread and weaved into cloth.

Bamboo plays a big part in our ecosystem. It is the fastest growing plant on the planet and produces 35% more oxygen than the same area of trees. Bamboo does not need any sprays or chemicals to grow and is ideal for protection against soil erosion. Bamboo also has the ability to grow in areas of both high and low rainfall.

Bamboo is actually a grass and, unlike wood, it matures in 5 years compared to 60 years for a tree and therefore is putting oxygen back into the atmosphere within weeks of being cut. Bamboo is self-generating, growing from the base shoots, so you don't have to kill it to harvest it, unlike with trees.

Harvesting bamboo doesn't affect the panda's environment, they don't eat the species used for turning into fibre, most of comes from the eastern provinces of China on the lower slopes of hill country. Nearly all of the remaining 700-1000 wild giant pandas live in the high mountain areas of western China, live well above any possible harvesting areas and are vigorously protected by the Chinese government.

Bamboo clothing is made from fully sustainable material, supporting your eco lifestyle.

To purchase any of our socks or t-shirts and polos made from bamboo, please contact us.

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