GlowMark™ is an innovative product which provides a warm, green, distinctive glow during the night and in low level lighting conditions. Glowmark™ has many uses for eco friendly lighting and tactical safety markers. This 'glow in the dark' visual tactical safety marker system does not use electricity, solar power or batteries. It's a low cost alternative to expensive, electric lighting, and as such is a truly green & eco friendly product.

The Glowmark™ Arrow is an eco-friendly boundary marker safety system which provides an alternative to electric lighting. This revolutionary glow-in-the-dark marker stud containing our unique SGCMkII Glow Compound, provides safety at night and in low level lighting conditions.

The unique patented crystal technology at the core of Glowmark™ emits light for up to 48 hours after just 8 minutes exposure to daylight or artificial light and has been designed to meet European Union Safety Directives. (Glowmark™ light emissions have been evaluated by the German Institute for Standardization under their 67510 standard).

The current design of Glowmark™ is in the shape of an arrow measuring 5.8cm in length, 6.0cms in width and 0.5cm high, which has a specifically designed beveled covering, calculated to dissipate precipitation, dirt and debris so that it is virtually maintenance free. Other designs such as GlowStrips and GlowLetters are currently in development. A Glowmark™ marker is guaranteed to glow for 5 years, but in practice lasts much longer.