Glowled are a dynamic solid state lighting company from the UK.

Our focus is energy efficient LED lighting and we are building a strong product range which covers lighting for Consumer and Commercial applications.

Our ongoing R&D programme is supported by the Carbon Trust enabling us to continue our hard work in the areas we know best. Our programme at Glowled is continously looking into developing the ideas we have further, moving them closer towards becoming products which everyone can take advantage of.
Based in the North of England, our dedicated staff base, each with expertise in respective areas, are all aware of their common goal and work hard to help make it a reality.

Replacing your conventional lighting with our Glowled LED energy saving products is simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly:
Fits your standard light fittings for immediate direct replacement

Reduce carbon emissions and your carbon footprint

Longer life reduces your maintenance bill

Safer to handle minimising the risk of fire

Solid state technology - less susceptible to vibration and mis- handling

An elegant ambient light creating a myriad of style and mood possibilities

A uniform light overcoming the problem of shadowing and spotting

A variety of colours for optimal ambient colour selection

Significantly lower running costs than halogens or compact fluorescents.

Our latest development produced 2 new recessed ceiling luminaires, perfect for maintenance-intensive environments such as office blocks, hospitals, classrooms and workstations. Visit our website for more information and download both data sheets and EU Lumdat files.