g2i is the highly successful investment readiness programme, supported by the London Development Agency (LDA), delivering early stage private investment to exciting young businesses.
The gateway2investment (g2i) programme has been designed to maximise the success of London based companies raising private investment. Delivered by a consortium of private sector specialists, g2i offers advice, support and assistance to help companies develop their teams, propositions and pitches.
Initially the programme was only available to technology companies, in October 2007 this remit was expanded to include all sectors with the exception of financial services and property development.
The programme is delivered by a consortium of companies, led by Grant Thornton, that includes E-Synergy, Quotec, and Pembridge Partners, providing the depth of skills necessary for successful delivery.
The g2i programme recognises there is a gap in the market with regard to equity funding for start-up and early stage companies. The programme works with companies over a period of 6 to 9 months to make them investment ready, before introducing them to potential investors.
It is a 5-stage programme, with companies invited to participate in each stage, i.e. only when they are ready. Companies do drop out along the journey, sometimes self-selecting out of the programme, recognising that they are too early for equity funding, or that other funding, debt etc., is more appropriate. Where a company leaves the programme before fully completing it, every effort is made to signpost and introduce them to an appropriate next step/person.
Over 3 years the programme has helped 36 companies raise £27m of private sector equity investment, any other funding secured has not been tracked. The investments have been between £100k and £3m, with an average of £762k.