Gainwell Futures develops and implements solutions which contribute towards low carbon economic development.
We are a green technology / clean technology resource and knowledge point as well as service providers to public and private sector organisations. Although UK based originally, we are generally not limited by geographical issues and have customers from across EMEA and APAC.
Our focus is on innovation and improvement of performance of the built environment. The built environment is a significant emissions source and recurring cost point for most organisations and we understand the challenges faced by owners and occupiers of corporate real estate. We pay particular attention to energy and carbon related matters including provision of energy demand management technologies, remote monitoring and consumption measurement through to provision of energy related emissions reporting, carbon footprints and compliance data.
We provide technology and services that measure and help customers understand and reduce their direct impacts upon the environment. We focus on opportunities for environmental efficiency which deliver simultaneous financial efficiencies. Sustainable development principles underpin our business philosophy and we work hard to ensure that we use effective and commercially viable approaches to help our customers improve their financial and sustainability performance.