Gaia-Wind turbines are developed and manufactured in Denmark and incorporate more than 20 years of Danish wind industry design experience, which is the design basis for most commercial wind turbines in the market. To date, there are over 200 worldwide Gaia-Wind installations, representing over 1000 years of combined operational history

Our Gaia-Wind 133-11kW wind turbine is specifically designed to optimize performance in low to moderate wind speeds (10-12mph) and will deliver up to 80% more energy than other similarly rated wind turbines. This significantly enhances the project economics and maximizes the return on investment

Because of our modular manufacturing approach we are also able to use components that are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality, maximum reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Gaia-Wind is also the only small wind turbine manufacturer to have achieved the Danish HB Standards. These certify compliance with rigorous quality, safety and performance requirements. We are also participating in an independent testing program conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Colorado, where one of our turbines is undergoing five IEC-compliant tests. These activities will result in independently audited performance, noise, and duration data which we will add to our existing technical databases. Ongoing test results can be found on the NREL microsite.