Next generation of wind turbines from FuturEnergy - a British design and manufacturing company with 4 years experience in this emerging market. The website has extensive case histories of successful installations from the Arctic to Africa and many windy locations worldwide.

Encouraged by the government’s new feed-in tariffs, FuturEnergy, best known to date for its 1KW micro wind turbines, is launching the next generation of wind turbines - Air Force 10 a10KW super-efficient turbine, complete with a unique intelligent monitoring and control system.

FuturEnergy has focused on the micro domestic market for the last four years, and has sold over 3000 of its acclaimed 1KW turbines in 12, 24 and 48V versions. The introduction of the 10KW option will certainly be of great interest to house builders, developers and small commercial sites seeking a total wind energy solution