Fuel Alternative LLC started its activity on Ukrainian energy market at 2006 as a consulting company with main specialization on renewable energy.

Fuel Alternative LLC is a leading consulting company, providing high-professional service in the business and research of alternative types of fuel and energy. Our field of expertise are bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, fuel pellets and briquettes, sun and wind energy, and also energy efficient technologies and equipment.

Now consulting activity of Fuel Alternative Plc. covers all clean technology segments.

Main directions of our activity and services:

<< consulting

<< B-to-B events

<< publishing

<< complex advertising campaigns and information support of green companies and products

<< engineering


<< we regularly prepare analytical materials, renewable energy researches as well as fuels markets and statistical reports

<< we collect information about production and sales (internal sales and export) in all sectors of renewable energy and fuels.

<< we prepare business plans and technical documentation for clean energy projects and plants (e.g. for solid biofuelsproduction and trading).

<< together with our partners we prepare traditional energy and fuels markets research.

<< in spring 2009 we started providing research of other segments of clean technologies sector: e.g. management of water resources, waste management, Kyoto projects.


<< Alternative Fuels International Trade Magazine is the leading Russian-language analytical publication in the B-to-B segment. It covers marketsof propane-butane and methane, bioethanol, biodiesel, biogas, pellets and briquettes, energy sources of the sun and the wind, as well as energy efficient technologies and equipment.

<< CleanTechTrade Magazine. In the constant spotlight:water technologies, waste management technologies, air purification technologies, the market of carbon quotas, renewable energy, energy efficient technologies, ecological policies of companies and governments.

<< Biofuel Market Report. Statistics and prices on solid biofuelmarket (wood and agro pellets and briquettes); full monthly information about production and export (suppliers (producers and traders), quantity, directions etc.) of solid biofuelfrom Ukraine

<< Ukrainian Renewable Energy Market Information Book. All the information about the companies who work on Ukrainian renewable energy market, legislation, statistics, markets’ surveys (e.g., solar energy in Ukraine).