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Freesource Energy

Solar PV systems

Freesource Energy is an accredited solar panel installer.

Solar photovoltaic (PV), more commonly known as solar power or solar electricity, works by collecting the sun's rays on solar panels or tiles made of silicon. Solar panels converts the sunlight into an electrical charge which is fed into your site via an inverter. With the government backed renewable energy scheme, ordering a solar panel from a professional solar electric installer could prove to be the best investment you ever make.

Solar PV panels can be connected to your home either directly into the national grid, or as an independent remote power source (usually connected to batteries).

The electricity generated by solar PV can be used to run domestic appliances and lighting. It can also be used alongside solar thermal.

• . Solar PV uses the free energy of the sun and significantly reduces electricity costs once installed. A typical domestic solar PV system can save a home around 40% of its annual electricity.
• . Solar power can save the average home around 1200kg of carbon dioxide a year. It is a clean, green renewable energy that does not release harmful carbon dioxide or pollutants into the atmosphere.
• . You can sell your electricity back to the grid through the Feed-in Tariff. Making yourself some extra cash and helping others benefit from your green energy.
• . If you aren't connected to the national grid, or if the grid is unreliable where you are, you can store excess solar power in batteries. This useful back up store can then be used and when you need it.

Solar power has traditionally been quite expensive, but in recent years the price of modules and equipment has come down and we can now offer a very competitive price. The only caveat to this is that the main cost factor is the availability of silicon, which is in huge demand world wide and is subject to prices fluctuations.

We can now offer a basic grid installed PV system for 2kwp for £10,000 + 5% VAT. As a very rough guide most 2 to 3 bedroom houses require a solar PV system of around 2.5 to 3 kwp in size to supply their electricity needs.

Savings from solar power can be significant. A 2.5kWp system can meet around 40% of a homes annual electricity needs. With the feed in tarriff this gives homes yearly savings of up to £900 on their electricity bills. Not to mention reducing their carbon emissions by almost 1 tonne each year.

To increase your energy savings you can take further action by switching to energy efficient appliances.

We consider the German manufacturer Schuco to be one of the best providers of solar panels and are happy to offer their panels to our clients. In certain circumstances we also offer solar panels made by Mitsubishi, Sharp and Sanyo, as appropriate to our clients' needs.

Freesource is an professional solar panel installer. Contact us for more information on how you can generate green energy using solar power.

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