Foshan Shunde Hodglon Heat Pumps Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a china based company, established in the first quarter of 2005, with western style management and technology. We employ over 50 people to design, manufacture and support our products that are exported to more than 60 countries. Years of international experience has allowed us to adapt products to meet different market needs and climatic conditions, This combination of direct control of a low cost manufacturing operation and western technology enables Hodglon to better serve its customers in multiple markets with high value products at low costs.

The primary focus of Hodglon Heat Pumps Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has been in the heat pump water heater industry. Hodglon quickly expanded its heat pump water heater product range to include five platforms: air source heat pump water heater, water source heat pump water heater, ground source heat pump water heater,solar heat pump water heater,heat pump water tank, which could be used for residential, commercial, swimming pool. This product range has quickly gained acceptance in international market and captured a respectable market share. In early 2010, Hodglon will expand markets by offering a speciality products – air source heat pump water heater with gas back up or electricity back up. Specifically designed for those coolest climate markets with the best price-value.

Hodglon Heat Pumps Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is positioning to be a premier supplier of niche market products to the global markets, and the management team will continue to drive actions to better serve the customers in these markets.