Forever Fuels specialises in the distribution and supply of wood pellets for sustainable heating systems.

We provide premium-grade pellets, delivered in bulk by specially-designed delivery vehicles that can blow the pellets into your pellet-store. Or we can deliver bagged premium-grade pellets, for smaller installations.

Forever Fuels provides the widest offering of any British pellet-supplier. We will supply bagged pellets to most parts of Britain, excluding the Scottish Isles (where costs of haulage from our store currently make the costs prohibitive). We will provide bulk deliveries to most parts of England and Wales, though special arrangements would have to be made for the remotest parts (e.g. Cornwall, West Wales and Northumbria), incurring greater costs. We are investing to extend our coverage and reduce the costs of delivery to as many parts of Great Britain as possible. (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are already well-served by Balcas, the UK's largest producer of wood-pellets. We do not have plans to enter that market.)

Forever Fuels' twin priorities are quality and value. It is vital, for people to have confidence to replace their existing boilers with a pellet-fired unit, that they have confidence that they can obtain a reliable supply of pellets of a suitable quality. But they must also not have to pay an excessive price for the greater security and environmental-friendliness of sustainable wood-fuels. Forever Fuels will not stint on quality whilst investing in the infrastructure and systems that allow us to deliver pellets at the lowest economic price.

Quality is about more than Forever Fuels' activities. Quality lies in the whole chain, from harvesting of the wood and production of the pellets, through storage and distribution, to the installation and operation of heating systems. Forever Fuels works with pellet-producers, hauliers, architects, installers, customers and other interested parties to try to ensure that the use of pellets for heating is as simple, efficient, trouble-free, sustainable, safe and satisfying an experience as possible for all concerned.

As part of the long-established and well-capitalized Summerleaze group, customers and other partners of Forever Fuels can have confidence that we have the financial stability, determination, vision and long investment horizons, to develop the market from infancy to maturity, providing a secure source of wood-pellet fuel for the long-term.