FIRST Heating is a manufacturer of Far InfraRed Saving Technology who's producing ultra flat bioenergetic heating panels. Each panel has an electronic device on the backside with unique hardware and software what is constant in communication with the Wireless Intelligent Saving Thermostat (WIST) trough 433 Mhz. Due to the uniquely developed software high savings are maintained.

A house insulated as to K45 will use only 20 till 30 kWh/m2/year. Electro smog (electromagnectic compatibility -EMC) is only 5mW, a mobile phone has up to 2000mW. The bioenergetic heating panel gives a pleasant and healthy warmth that is very comfortable. The ultra flat designed panel, only 25mm thick, can be hung either on the wall or on the ceiling. Mounting plan and installation screws are included by each panel. The FIRST Heating panels can be only controlled with our WIST thermostat this due to the unique software.

FIRST Heating panels are also taking care about your health, not only you warm your house but you also take care about your health at the same time.

FIRST Heating panels are avaible in four differend sizes, 60x30cm/250W, 60x60cm/500W, 60x90cm/750W and 60x120cm/1000W. All panels have a turbo modus trough which you can double the power of the panel in case you need to warm your room very fast.

Panels are avaible with different glass colors and frame colors, beside that we manufacture also panels with standard photos or your own unique photo. With FIRST Heating you bring the sun into your house and take care about your health.