a) To promote international investment; the creation of other Panama companies which invest capital internationally; to attend to national and foreign investors and to participate or not with them in lucrative business of all legal types, whether directly or through third parties, natural or juridical, professional or not, national or not, to make financing arrangements in favor of third parties or of itself, to offer business feasibility studies, tax consultancy, and others in general to national or foreign persons or companies and governments.
b) To establish, arrange and carry out, organize and undertake any business, transaction or operation in quality, depository, capitalist and promoting, securities and obligations of natural or juridical persons and governments.
c) To develop activities related as principal agents in all kinds of natural resources, merchandise, commercial articles, securities, shares, bonds, certificates and in any manner, to dedicate to general activities in any manner, including but not limited to the purchase, sale, brokerage, mortgage, fiduciary, custody, of all sorts of real estate located in Panama or in any part of the world, the construction, administration, sale, mortgage of all sorts of lots, housing and urbanized buildings in Panama or any part of the world.
d) The purchase, sale, administration and custody of assets or real estate, tangible or intangible goods, present or future, as owner of the same or as lessor, lessee, pledgor, custodian, concessioner or intermediary of said assets, or participating with respect to those in whichever capacity. Additional to its main objective, the company may carry out any commercial activity or activities in transportation, computing, industrial, agricultural, or in the branch of human civil engineering or any other and to execute any type of contracts that its activities require and are not prohibited by law. It may do anything necessary or convenient for the protection and benefit of the company and in general to develop any type of business or activity which has not been detailed within the specific objectives in the present Corporate Charter or its amendments.
e) To establish, transact or carry on, in general, any other lawful business that be permitted by the laws of the Republic of Panama, for which the corporation shall have all the rights and powers that Article Nineteen (19) of law Thirty-Two (32) of one thousand nine hundred twenty-seven (1927) vests upon corporations of the Republic of Panama as well as any other rights and powers that may be granted by other laws, all of which purposes the corporation may fulfill within or outside the territory of the Republic of Panama.