FERCELL offers an extensive range of products, professional services and co-branded solutions, all from its modern manufacturing plant and offices in Aylesford, Kent, UK.

FERCELL - KWIK-FIX Ducting systems, fans, extraction plant, fume extraction solutions and biomass burners. The company builds on its success to bringing about solutions to numerous industrial environmental problems. Fercell is entirely flexible in its ability to design, manufacture and install systems which can be individually tailored to suit customer’s particular requirements.
Personal supervision by highly qualified Fercell personnel ensures that each project is processed smoothly, and that customers are fully satisfied with the final result.
Fercell places particular emphasis on after-sale service. The replacement of parts and modification of equipment are carried out efficiently and with close attention to detail. In this way, any loss of valuable production time is kept to a minimum. The company is renowned for its KWIK-FIX brand of ducting, widely used in industry, as is their equally innovative fan, extraction filter and biomass burner solutions.

FERCELL IMRO UK Conveying systems, sorting and separation solutions
IMRO means competence. From the basic idea to the final installation, as a solution leader with its partner Fercell supplying the recycling sector, the company has gained much knowledge. Its experience and know-how helps avoid mistakes in conveying and separation systems, wins time, creates economic investment, and saves on subsequent costs, maintains high quality and provides the invaluable, reliable conduit solution to bring processes together.

FERCELL WEIMA UK Single and four-shaft shredder, vertical impactor technology and the broadest range of briquette press solutions available (up to 6,000kg/hr)
Weima is the leading specialist in innovative briquetting and shredding solutions, with nearly 35 years’ experience. More than 1,000 current installed systems have been made in the UK and Ireland alone, and there are around 25,000 installations worldwide. There is a WEIMA machine to suit every requirement and of a build quality to ensure a future- proofed investment. They are of proven technology with a high level of operating efficiency, low energy consumption output ratios and designed-in low maintenance.

FERCELL HEGER UK Foam compaction technology, dewatering systems
Heger’s Lion and Tiger recycling systems shred and compress (up to 50:01) a wide range of waste materials such as EPS (Styropor®), XPS, EPE, EPP even cross-linked foams into high-quality, recyclable materials. Entry-level machines are shipped pre-programmed and are ready for immediate operation. Crocodile series dewatering technology reduces weight in wet solids (up to 90%), resulting in considerable cost savings on such materials disposal. Building on existing technology, Heger continues to invest in innovative solutions with its co-brand partner Fercell. Since the company’s incorporation in 1963, it
has continuously developed new systems for the rapidly growing recycling industry.

FERCELL BOMATIC UK Twin-shaft shredder solutions, vertical shredder technology, granulator systems
In co-partnership with Fercell, Bomatic’s expertise is built on more than 44 years in the recycling sector. Its technology is continuously developed to keep abreast of current trends and technology improvements. Along with shredder and granulator solutions, Bomatic also designs complete plant solutions according to individual requirements, such as tyre recycling and waste processing systems. Efficient, competitively priced waste recovery solutions that work.