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Far Offshore Renewables

12 Jun 2010 04:06:55

Floating Wind Turbine Platform is launch

Media Briefing
Date: June 2010

Floating Wind Turbine Platform is launched successfully

In March 2010, Far Offshore Renewables Limited completed successful sea trails of a floating wind turbine platform off the coast in Fishguard. The platform is based on a semi-submersible design with a single point mooring. The trials were based on a 1-15 scale device which was 10m long x 4m wide x 12m tall, designed and built in Wales. The structure was anchored off the coast for over 1 week and worked flawlessly and survived waves almost twice that designed for without problems or excessive movement. As far as we know this a world first: Nobody has previously produced a wind turbine supported by this configuration of platform.

Plans are currently being made to build on this huge success by scaling up the platform to a ¼ scale. The new platform is to be put to the test over a much longer time scale and in waves as big as your average two storey house. Fabrication and deployment are planned for later this year. The mooring location is again planned to be north of Fishguard.

A leading expert in Offshore Oil and Gas structures at Atkins Marine, Rod Rainey, described the visual performance of the recent trials as impressive and believes it could be the basis of a platform that could be used in sea depths up to 400m.

Work on this project started in 2002 and continues to this day. Patents have been granted on the technology. Recent successes now allow the project to be scaled up.

The full scale devices are designed to be located far offshore where no-one can see them. So the look of the structure is more industrial than current large wind turbines. The overall design is meant to assist in the reduction of expensive sea crane usage, while making the most of the deep water continental shelf around the British Isles.

The platform, which has other potential uses, is currently being designed to support a 2MW wind turbine and Electrolyser equipment. The aim is to bring Hydrogen and Oxygen back to shore for use as Europe’s future fuel.

Mr Richard Annett, Managing Director
Far Offshore Renewables Limited
Tel 0292 125 0292, email; rannett@faroffre.com; Web www.faroffre.com

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