Evergreen is an independent distributor of wood fuel heating systems with offices in the North and East of England. We are part of a well established group of companies offering industrial systems to commercial and domestic customers. Years of industry knowledge means we only source our boilers from a leader in the field – BioTech of Austria.

Evergreen’s goal is to provide heating systems for our customers that are reliable – technically, financially and environmentally. Our wood pellet boilers let our customers act on their carbon footprint, whilst protecting them from the volatile prices of oil and gas, and our honest approach means you will get the system that is right for you and your needs.

Evergreen are proud to be a part of the renewables industry, helping the environment and your local community.


BioTech manufacture in Austria, where wood fuel heating systems have been used for a number of years. BioTech have a long and proven record of providing the most efficient, lowest cost, most comfortable systems with a zero carbon footprint.