Eunomia Research & Consulting is an environmental consultancy specialising in waste management, resource efficiency, climate change and energy issues. The emphasis of the company lies in strategy, policy, economics, and appraisal of technologies (from both commercial and environmental perspectives).

Named after the Greek word meaning 'the good self-ordering of society', our aim is to promote environmental improvement through critical evaluation of policies, advice on policy formulation, dissemination of best practice, and advice on strategy development.

We have a reputation for critical thinking and analysis. We take a normative approach to our work, and we tend to challenge ourselves and our clients. In terms of our level of influence, we punch well above our weight. For example, two consultancy reports were released in conjunction with the latest revision of the English Waste Strategy, and they were both ours.

We cherish our independence. We will give the best advice of which we are capable and will not undertake tasks which we do not see as moving agendas forward in a positive manner.