EQ2 is a leading solutions provider that uses environmental metrics, business economics and corporate social responsibility standards to improve business performance. EQ2 helps organisations to measure, account for and report their environmental impacts and emissions, identify and minimise resource usage and operating cost, and implement sustainable practices.
EQ2 has developed a migration process that uses intelligent measurement, impact modelling and financial mapping. EQ2 works with companies to develop and implement the most appropriate sustainable processes to minimise the organisation’s impact and those in its supply chain. The key focus is to help companies to reduce operating cost and improve business methods by using accurate, comparable and accepted environmental metrics in a bottom-up and model-based approach.

EQ2 offers:
• Environmental Measurement and Reporting
• Legislative Risk and Compliance
• Peer and Industry Benchmarking
• Technology/Product LCA Environmental Benchmarking
• Project, Logistic and Supply Chain Environmental Mapping and Measurement
• Environmental Management Systems
• Energy and Resource Modelling
• CSR Reporting and Shareholder Communications
• Financial Risk Modelling (EU ETS, CRC, etc.)
• Strategic Planning

EQ2 provides organisations with accurate and complete environmental measurement information, best practice disclosure reporting, performance metrics and tracking for management and investors, and employee change management solutions.
EQ2 uses Sustainability Key Performance Indicators (S-KPI’s) that are material to a business function and performance to guide, direct and plan the most effective and efficient migration change process and plan.
EQ2 designs practical reduction targets with tracking and performance verification systems for single local locations to global supply chains, one-off to multiple projects, technology benchmarks, product-LCAs, property performance, green manufacturing and services.