We are a cost effective, full scale UNFCCC DOE (Designated Operational Entity) for CDM/VCS/GS/CCBA/Social Carbon and Sustainability Assurance provider with more than eighty technical resources able to deliver quality services in all major languages within a short time notice across the globe. We are accredited for all meth possible 14 sectors of CDM i.e. Sector 1 to 11 and Sector 13 to 15. Please contact us for professional, timely and competitively priced validation, verification and training services for CDM, CDM PoA, VCS, GS, WCD, Social Carbon, CCBA, ISO 14064, REDD+ and Sustainability Assurance services with respect to various standards, guidelines and protocols pertaining to compliance and voluntary markets across the globe.

Some of our international credentials:

(VCSA approved VVB)
(CCB Standards, Climate Community Biodiversity Alliance approved auditor)
(Social Carbon approved certifying entity)
(Fast Track eligible Auditor for Gold Standard projects)

We have a very competent fee structure with excellent project delivery commitments with proven skill sets. Our auditing staffs are having excellent track record in CDM/VCS validations and verifications in the past. Please note that we do not use sub-contracting staff in any decision making roles. We are pleased to inform you that, we have arrangements in place to communicate with potential clients in various global languages like Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish etc., in case if it is needed even before the on-site audit, during the contract signing process to enhance better understanding with the client.

Our technical resource personnel include environmental professionals, energy auditors, engineering graduates, post- graduates and doctorates having skills and experience that covers most of the industry & social sectors, and the average years of experience of our technical resources is around fifteen years. Presently we have around eighty technical personnel on our roaster including auditors, technical experts and technical reviewers; including both full time and part time, covering all technical areas and expertise with respect to CDM/VCS DOE operations. We also have five ISO 26000 certified Lead Auditors, five Certified Sustainability Assurance Professionals CSAP from AccountAbility, London, seven BEE Government of India certified energy auditors and two BEE Government of India accredited energy auditors with us among various other industry and subject experts. Around fifteen of our auditors/technical experts/technical reviewers are Social Carbon trained and approved assessors. Twenty two of our technical auditors are GS (Gold Standard Foundation) fast track eligible. Our GS Fast Track eligible team is one of the biggest in World, if not the biggest.

We are a professionally managed, fully funded, zero external debt organization committed to offer World class services at competitive rates to our clients. Given an opportunity, we are looking forward to work with you in a most competent manner in terms of technical excellence and desired delivery schedule for a reasonable and competent fee.

We are happy to share with you that we are already working with various clients including some governments from Indonesia to Latin America for various services related to CDM/VCS/GS/Social Carbon/CCBA/REDD+/WCD/Sustainability Reporting and training services.