Environmental Finance Publications publishes subscriptions magazines and books - plus organises conferences & webinars.

Subscription publications include:

* Environmental Finance, a monthly magazine & twice-weekly email update service, which covers the ever-increasing impact of environmental issues on the lending, insurance, investment and trading decisions affecting industry. It is the only global publication dedicated to this fast-changing area.

* Carbon Finance, a monthly newsletter & weekly email update service, which provides in-depth coverage of the global markets in greenhouse gas emissions.

Books include:

* Carbon Funds Directory which, updated annually, lists planned funds, buyers' pools and other facilities that have been set up to invest in emissions-reducing projects generating carbon credits.

* Corporate Greenhouse Gas Management - a report, written by Rory Sullivan, which offers practical recommendations to companies seeking to respond effectively to climate change-related business drivers while also offering them the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

* Biodiversity and Social Carbon which explains the thinking behind the social carbon methodology; how it was developed; how it has been applied to a variety of projects; and how it has proven to be a dynamic and flexible tool that can help combat the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Events include:

* Annual conferences such as Climate Finance London, Climate Finance New York and Forestry Biomass & Sustainability. . . and more

* Webinars (two per month) such as Aviation and the EU Emissions Market, Forest Carbon and REDD+, Financing Sustainable Forestry . . . and more.