Envirodigital believes that getting digital can facilitate being sustainable, and helps organisations use digital developments in truly economically, ecologically and socially sustainable ways. We seek to encourage the combination of digital technology and creative innovation to help businesses reduce their own, and their customers' energy and natural resource consumption and pollutant emissions.
Envirodigital helps organisations to build sustainable resilience by creating software apps and working with you through consultancy. We can help you:

- think about why to make ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable changes;
- decide what changes to make – especially using clean, digital technologies;
- create, plan and produce digital versions of live events, training sessions and meetings;
- work out how to count the ecological impact and economic and social benefits of using digital technologies for business;
work out how you can influence your digital, online consumers/audience/communities towards recycling, reducing, reusing and renewing; and
- build the size of live events, training sessions and meeting by using digital production tools, digital distribution channels, and digital consumption methods such as mobile and web: to ensure that carbon, pollution, waste, and water outputs are not increased even as scale, reach, impact and accessibility are improved.