Engage Media Solutions – connecting and empowering through innovation

Engage Media Solutions is an international event and media solutions company with three main areas of focus: government, consumer and business to business.

Our executive team brings together over 30 years of experience in event production, marketing, public relations, advertising, event management, sales and consumer focus. We ensure each event is bespoke and is produced with our clients main objectives in sight.

In this crowded market place of events, conferences, seminars and forums it's crucial to have a savvy and well seasoned team strategising, coordinating and implicating your efforts.

Through our events, we aim to:
• We seek to engage with each of our clients whether a delegate, a government agency, guest speaker or sponsor.
• Provide results orientated solutions that are designed to meet objectives whilst excelling at customer service through strategic council, creative solutions and timely responsive events.
• Deliver excellent events with professional integrity whilst developing successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.
• Optimise our events potential to increase customer satisfaction and maximise the engagement of people by providing superior solutions for understanding, acquiring, developing and retaining our clients.

In order to stand above the competition, we provide our customers with exceptional services, quality products and unparalleled support. Engage Media Solutions are the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering events that enhance your bottom line. Whilst delivering the highest level of professionalism and experience, we produce events that help empower and lead to build connections that last.

We pride ourselves in offering quality events that result in absolute customer satisfaction. Our products and services distinguish themselves on the basis of quality, customer service and value that can be trusted.

We believe, empowerment is key to innovation and growth.