Energyflo is an innovative clean technology company, specialising in the development of dynamic insulation technology for use in low carbon, energy-efficient buildings. Energyflo’s patented dynamic insulation technology ‘turbo-charges’ traditional ‘static’ insulation materials to transform the thermal performance of the building envelope, both walls and roofs.

Dynamic insulation is a low-cost, zero-maintenance technology that delivers the U-values required to meet all 2010 through 2016 standards and beyond and enables house builders and developers to build code compliant houses without increasing the size of standard wall cavities, changing established methods of construction, thickness or weight of insulation, and negates the need for any other add-on thermal technologies.

No matter how low future standards demand U-values to go, Energyflo’s technology can “turbo-charge” any insulation material to deliver dramatically lower U-values levels than standard ‘static’ solutions.

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