Energy Storage

Energy storage is currently seen as the missing link in the transition from traditional grid to smarter grid for the 21st century. Energy storage solutions will support greater renewable integration, development of mini-grids and increased efficiency and reliability of grids. Energy storage can also provide critically important ancillary services such as grid frequency regulation, voltage support and operating reserves, thereby enhancing grid stability and reliability.

Empowering Energy Solutions

The aim of the Energy Storage Challenge is to link integrators, investors and end-users with innovators developing these new technologies. We are looking for people who think outside the box, have an appreciation for this problem and believe they have an original solution, different from current battery technology.

The Challenge

Imagine a large-scale natural disaster: infrastructure destroyed, power lines down and no useable generators. Emergency response and medical teams have arrived on the scene, but they need electricity in order to provide medical treatment, to assist with rescue operations, to create temporary shelters. The teams need constant electrical power to work as effectively and efficiently as possible, but for now, they must rely on intermittent generation. Portable, stored energy is needed for continuous power.

The Need

Energy storage will drastically improve our ability to react to the variable availability of power supplies. Transportable energy storage systems would also significantly improve our daily lives through increased efficiency of power networks. Transportable batteries used anywhere from mobile phones to transportation systems would benefit from improvements portable energy storage system. Imagine collecting solar power in a storage system at your house, and then transporting this system to your car to power your journey.The possibilities are endless...

The First Step

On 1 January 2011, we will open the Fundamental Ideas Challenge for entrants. In the first year, we’re looking for fresh ideas about systems that can provide transportable energy storage. Proposals must be notably different from existing systems and in this case, an idea is really all we need. Finalists will have the honour of presenting their ideas before sponsors, investors, peers and a panel of independent judges at the Energy Storage Summit in September 2011. The winner will receive a $250k prize fund, sponsored by ONR and ONR-G.