Manufacturing Energy Saving Products for electricity and water.
Savsasocket 6 Gang is possibly the easiest way for your customers to save energy and C02. It is probably the most efficient energy saving multi plug adaptor on the planet; as it only uses 0.19 watts when it is in standby. Most other similar units use up to the Energy Savings Trust minimum standard of 0.5 watt.

Fully tested, achieving The Energy Savings Trust “Recommended product” award and coveted “Grand designs award for innovation”.

Savasocket Mobile cuts the power supply to mobile phones once fully charged saving wasted energy.

Savasocket Energy Monitor is a low cost entry unit to show you how much energy you are using at that moment in pence per hour and KWH. It accumulates this information for instant read back. Also displayed is the room temperature, time and date.
Ecopulse is an energy efficient showerhead that uses half the amount of water whilst retaining the same experience.